Blair Howard, the founder and designer of GreenRiggers and (New) Rail Attachment, grew up on a farm on steep and very rugged hill country up the Waimata Valley in behind Gisborne and right from the start he spent as much time as he could working with his dad.

The farm was 1050 acres of sheep and cattle. With only 50 acres of flats, the rest was horseback country only! As a young fella Blair used to think it was funny when walking along fence lines and hearing that loud constant ‘crack’ the fence used to make… but later on in life, he worked out that ‘that crack’ was to be biggest headache and all time nemesis for every farmer that walked the farm!

That crack was ‘the enemy’ it was his valuable energy escaping and weakening his electric fence. It was

1. Costing him money and
2. It was losing its ‘oomph’ before reaching the back of the farms fence line.

Having lived with this knowledge, Blair decided to develop something that was ultra-strong, safe, UV protected and something that was going to eliminate that waste of energy, in order to help the farmer deliver more reliable grunt to the back of the farm.

His invention the GreenRigger electric fence outrigger was the result.

The GreenRigger outrigger features a strong design made up of tough poly plastics formed in triangle shapes (the strongest shape) but within those triangles you will find right angles also, making this product about as strong as you can get in its form. Being made of poly plastics also means you get a strong, semi flexible NON Conducting unit.

In addition to this the GreenRigger outrigger has no sharp points to catch or injure an animal, and is proudly made right here in New Zealand where Blair can maintain the highest quality standards for the farmer.

Oh, and best of all you don’t need any tools to fit it, so no more lost hammers and pliers in the long grass! So, join the many other farmers and take advantage of this new age non conducting and safe outrigger for your farm. One battery drill required for the Rail Attachment.

Blair Howard of GreenRiggers

Blair Howard, founder / designer of GreenRiggers.

“Go Green, lose ya shorts”